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She Can Empower provides a safe space for women to connect and express themselves in a judgement free zone


She Can Empower is founded by Fayola Timberlake a former professional dancer, singer and creative who has always followed her passions and strived to overcome limited belief systems and step out of her comfort zone, even when dealing with the challenges in the performing industry and the ups and downs in her personal life, her experiences led to her vision for She Can Empower from her deep-rooted passion to create a space for women to thrive.

She Can Empower supports, educates and empowers women through a series of self-development programmes and courses using a holistic approach to mastering self-confidence and living the best version of themselves. Thanks to This Girl Can, Sport England, The National Lottery, Islington Giving and most recently Islington Council's Community Chest Grant partnered with Cripplegate Foundation SHE CAN EMPOWER were able to give women the opportunity to get empowered with our She Can Empower Beginner’s Pole Dance Course.

SHE CAN EMPOWER successfully launched its first project, a 6-week beginners Pole Dance Course. The first course was funded by ‘This girl Can’ organisation through their community fund that was funded by organisations such as Sport England and National Lottery. They received an overwhelming response to the course and discovered there was a real need for this programme.

‘SHE CAN EMPOWER’ also received funding from Islington’s Giving and Cripplegate’s ‘Make it Happen micro grants programme’ for an additional 6-week course to further develop the project and its activities of empowering women in the borough of Islington.

Their most recent fund was awarded by Islington Council’s ‘Community Chest Grant’ partnered with Cripplegate Foundation and have once again received an overwhelming response to the course. They are now taking steps towards establishing ‘SHE CAN EMPOWER’ as a platform that many women can look to, and be a part of including their children’s early childhood development specifically young girls who suffer a lot of body shaming, low self-esteem and confidence in general whether at home, at school and or at the work place.



Fayola Timberlake
Founder and Managing Director

Fayola Timberlake, a versatile talent with a background in entertainment, has always been driven by a passion for self-expression and following her creative pursuits. Starting her journey as a professional dancer, Fayola has expanded her skills to include singing, songwriting, and entrepreneurship. This journey of self-discovery and pursuing her passions has not only shaped Fayola's diverse skill set but has also empowered her on a personal level, providing her with resilience, confidence, and a sense of purpose.

With a deep-rooted passion for driving positive change, Fayola utilises her diverse skills and platforms to advocate for important causes, raise awareness for charitable initiatives, and empower communities both locally and beyond. Now, Fayola is dedicated to leveraging her experience to empower others and help them build confidence. Through platforms like UooLike and her current project, She Can Empower, Fayola inspires individuals to discover their own passions, express themselves authentically, and create positive change in their own lives and communities, all while nurturing their confidence and self-belief.


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